Testing Post Format

Development<1 min read

In the next few days, I will post difference post format type to see how it look like in this theme. This morning, I noticed how the post looks like for the link type post and did not like it. This website is designed to focus on the content. Because of that, when the link post format hides the content (more precisely the excerpt), I immediately modify the child theme. It’s not a hard thing to do, but I wish…


Development<1 min read

I thought that setting https was hard, takes a long time, and expensive. Turn out I was wrong. With this website, you can have your own website using HTTPS without spending a penny. When I was browsing the control panel on my hosting provider, I notice there is new text on the security tabs that saying the https is off. As far as I remember, I never saw that text when I visit the control panel. I was curious, I…

Normalize Your Website CSS

Development4 min read

I have been wondering back then when I design a website for serious work for the first time. It seems that website theme out here has a similar design but still maintain its compatibility with many browsers. And what make me more curious is that when I browse the CSS style on their design, it seems that they are replacing a lot of style from the previously defined style. It makes me curious because why not just change the previous style…

htaccess for Friendly URL on Web

Development2 min read

Have you ever wonder how to change your website URL to be more friendly and pretty one? Like for example, you can see at this site, I use URL like this: http://www.hernantas.com/2016/05/page-name Rather than http://www.hernantas.com/?p=123 I’m sure the first one is friendlier and prettier than the second one. But the question is, how do I do that? Not for the WordPress one, but for general one like the website you created by yourself. Normally, when you write URL like this:…

Avoiding SQL Injection in PHP

Development3 min read

Recently, I’m reviewing some web project that made using PHP. It nice website, responsive and can support both PC and mobile display. But, it seems that they didn’t keep security in mind when they develop that website. By security, I didn’t mean that unauthorized people can access certain login-only page or something. But it seems that they still trust user input naively. Of course, they still have some sort of validation, but it only work on username or password. I…

How to Run .phar Files

Development1 min read

Couple days ago, when I working on a web project for some developer company. They ask me if I can tell them how to create API documentation like the one I use in my own framework. By API documentation, I mean like this one They know that I use apigen to generate the documentation but they don’t know how to use it since it not an executable file like exe or bat which you can just run on click. I know there is…

Regular Expression Online Tester

Development1 min read

If you are working on your own Regular Expression or Regex/Regexp in short, you may often found that it pretty confusing to make one by yourself. You need a lot of trying and tweaking before it can be used for your project. For you who doesn’t know what regular expression is, in short it was special text string to describe search pattern. For example, this code bellow is checking if the text you want to check only has alphabet letter…

Twitter has Poll?

Development<1 min read

Surprise. Maybe for all of us. Twitter now has a poll button, same as facebook or google+. Previously, you may use an external site like Straw Poll or your own website to do this. Now if you want to ask for a public opinion you can use twitter poll for that. This is one of feature you will like if you are a poll creator. Because as far as I know, twitter is a great place to ask for public opinion….

Trello is Celebrating 10M Users!

Announcement<1 min read

Trello is currently celebrating its 10M users. If you don’t know or never heard what Trello is, then you should check it on their website. In short Trello is a collaboration tool that organizes your projects into boards. And one of my favorite project management tools. You can get 1 month free Trello Gold by sharing what you use Trello for on the celebrate page. I will provide the link bellow so be sure to check it out if you are…

Twitter should stay at 140 character limit

Development1 min read

I found out today that twitter is planning to extend it 140 characters limit. It seems that a lot of people are supporting the changes and of course, there are people that think twitter should have stay at those limit like me. I think that limiting character to 140 may be annoying, but it taught me to practice few principle to make my writing better. Well, my writing is still crap but at least it better than before. Here is some of…