Create Clean Branch in Git

Development1 min read

Normally, whenever you create a new branch, you need the original branch and then you branch them. The problem is, they have a parent branch. The commit history from the original branch will be carried to your new branch too. This is intentional and not the git issue. That how git branch supposed to be work. Normally, you don’t need to create a completely new branch. Rather, you create a new repository. It new project anyway, so it best to use a…

Yes, you can use GIT for one-man project

Development1 min read

My friend looking at my application project (for undergraduate thesis) [su_note] Friend: You use git? Me: Yeah, why? Friend: You work with other people too? Me: No, I’m alone. Friend: Then why you use git? Me: ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) [/su_note] This is a pretty weird conversation. Seriously. When you talk to someone and they are not on the same page as you, it can be pretty awkward. I don’t know why most of my friends think that when you use git, you must…

Bitbucket vs Github

Development3 min read

So, my friends have been bugging me, asking me this all the time. Github? Bitbucket? What the differences? Unlimited/many private repo hosting service? Best git hosting service? Github or Bitbucket? Git = Github? (What?) These question has been asked a lot, so in this post, I  will clear all of them once and for all. To answer that question, the first thing you should know is that git isn’t same with github. Git is version control which is a small program that…

Bitbucket Graph Statistic

Development<1 min read

If you often working on Github then want to Bitbucket because some reason, maybe you miss the Github statistic like how many commits, contributor statistic, graph, etc. Well, you are not alone.   Many people seem to think the same way that Bitbucket need some statistic so we can manage repository better, like Github. Maybe you just want to see how many commit, or want to see Activity Time, or just want to see a nice graph of your repository….

SourceTree, Best Git Client

Development2 min read

Today, I want to do a bit of a review to one of my favorite Git Client, SourceTree, made by Atlassian which is a company that makes an online productivity service such as Bitbucket, Jira and many more if you already know it. There’s a reason why I love SourceTree so much that it become an essential application on my computer, its pity though it doesn’t available on Linux. Here are some of them: It Provides GUI What is this? 90′?…

Why you should use Version Control?

Development2 min read

My friend asking me why I’m using Version Control even if I’m working alone. It seems that for some new developer, version control like Git or SVN only for people that work in a team. In their mind, Version Control is only for this purpose and no other. Well, in some sense they are not wrong. It’s like saying notes is only for taking notes. It’s true, but it’s not completely correct either. You can use notes for many other…