Did You Know, Starcraft 2 Goes Free to Play

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This morning, when I just wake up and open my mac (yeah, the first time I do after waking up is open my computer), I noticed from my battle.net client that Starcraft 2 goes free to play. I just found out now about this. Starcraft 2 is my favorite and go-to game but I just don’t read the news that much. I ask my friends and they told me that they already know 1 month ago. And they did not tell…

Playing Torchlight II Again

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Recently, I got the urge to playing some Hack & Slash Action RPG games like Diablo or Torchlight. I miss the feeling of grinding, build, raid, spell spamming, etc from that type of games. I know some activity like that can be boring, especially grinding. Urgh, who like grinding in video games. But still, I miss it. The problem is, which games should I play? I have been playing the original Torchlight and the second one, on Steam of course….

Stardew Valley

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Stardew Valley, or should I say the new Harvest Moon? When I first knew the game when I open twitch to watch some starcraft stream, I can’t help but get the familiar feeling with the Harvest Moon game that I play when I was a child. Well, at least without the RPG elements in Stardew Valley, I will think it is the new Harvest Moon game with the different name. For you who never play Harvest Moon, you may don’t get…

The Witcher 1 Enhanced Edition Tips

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I have been playing this game for 30+ hours with and without a mod, and I have some tips that I can give to other who want or still play this game. I discover some of this when I play the game. Some of them I found on the internet but I will only share it if I’m using it. Here are some of them: In-Combat Use sword type correctly. Steel Sword for natural being like human, dog, or wolf. Silver…


Full Combat Rebalance The Witcher

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Few days ago, I make a post about modding The Witcher Enhanced Edition. And I suggest one mod to overhaul combat mechanic so it becomes more interesting. And you know what? Don’t install that mod if you aren’t ready for a frustrating game! I have been playing with it for several days. I found the combat is harder, but not in a fun way. It’s more in frustrating than fun. You know how The Witcher combat system is and that pretty…

Element TD is back to Dota 2

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For those who play a custom map in Warcraft III, you may have been played or at least know about Element TD. Element TD is a custom map on Warcraft III that pretty much like any other tower defense out here but each tower is unique. By unique I mean they have different damage, range, attack speed, ability, and most importantly elemental type. Now they remake them in Dota 2 as Custom Games. Each element has its strength and weakness. For…

Let’s mod The Witcher Enhanced Edition

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If you playing The Witcher Enhanced Edition again or play it for the first time, you may think to play it with a mod because let’s be honest. The gameplay or the visual is unappealing, at least that what I feel when I play this game for the first time. The Witcher 1 was released in 2007 for the first time which can be categorized as an old game and released again as Enhanced Edition (let’s shorten them to The…

The Witcher Enhanced Edition

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2 week ago when Steam has Chinese new year discount event I bought The Witcher 3 and it’s DLC. I actually don’t really like it when I look at it gameplay trailer or from people playing on youtube or twitch. And I don’t think I really like how Gerald’s voice sounds like but it’s not that important. I got interested in it because most people say that The Witcher 3 is really good, it even got game of the year 2015…

Restaurant City is Back

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I notice it a while ago when I open my facebook page that Restaurant City is back. I don’t usually enjoy facebook games since they usually in-apps purchase or pay to win games but I really enjoy this one because it doesn’t really take too much of my times and the purchase option is only for fashion or ingredients. It comes with a different name, Restaurant City 2016. But not only the name that changed, it comes with some different…

Remove Fallout 4 Nerf Damage

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If you found that Fallout 4 combat is like Borderlands series, you are not alone. I have been playing this game for 20 hours in survival difficulty and I miss the feel of high damage in combat when I play Fallout 3/New Vegas modded. Either enemy dies really fast, or I die from 1-3 bullet shots. This is what I want for Fallout 4 combat, not like Borderlands combat where you have to shoot 100 times. Fortunately, someone made this…