Game Coding Complete, Fourth Edition

Book2 min read

About 4-5 year ago, when I first started to take game development seriously. I want to know how to properly developing a game. Back then I just code them and as long as it done I stopped developed them. Back then I don’t understand how important testing and profiling is. But I notice that my code causing bug and performance issue. Sometimes even worse, crash. And then I was wondering if there is like best practice or like tips while developing…

Fixing Windows 10 Wifi Can’t Established

Development1 min read

I’m finally upgraded my PC to Windows 10 because I’m interested at new features they offer. I’m not really getting far yet, but so far I think it’s great. But with the new great thing it offers, I encounter the very first problem very early even before reach the desktop. If you don’t know what the image above means, it is Wifi bar on the right side when you click Wifi icon to connect to Wifi. And it was the very first…

Better than “Sent from my Smartphone”

Development1 min read

I was installing Outlook for iPhone today and try it for a while, and I think it better email client or I can say the best email client in the iPhone. It unexpected actually, because I’m using them before for a day and I knew that it’s not for me. Why? Well, shortly it was hard to use, confusing interface, and not newbie friendly. Now, it is a lot better. When I setup my Outlook and arrived at Signature, I was wondering if…

Github Universe

Announcement<1 min read

I know this is pretty late as the event is already started but in case you don’t know. Github announced this conference a while ago and bringing GitHub community together at 1 & 2 October at Pier 70 in San Francisco. If you can’t attend the conference like me, you can watch the stream via UStream and I will give the link bellow. Github Universe – [Link] Stream Github Universe – [Link]

Hello World!!!

Announcement1 min read

Hello, welcome to my blog. I’m currently studying Informatic Engineering at Institut Teknologi Sepuluh November and currently live at Indonesian maybe will move soon. Mostly I’m doing programming to create games using C++, rarely create web app or even rarely create desktop application, doing 3d modeling and animation using Blender because I can’t afford 3ds max, playing a game or if I’m bored I try to create code that can generate cool output/effect that doesn’t mean anything. If you ask me…