Tsuko G. RUNNING IN 90s

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Today, I found a really fun music.

How come I never listen to this song before.

It’s an anime song though. It came from very old anime called “Initial D”. It about street car racing or something like that (I’m not sure). It’s not my kind of anime. Nevertheless, it still has some enjoyable music.

If you hate anime, you probably won’t like this song.

Regardless, here is the youtube version:

I don’t remember if I ever told this to anyone before (I forgot) but my preference in music isn’t that easy to define. Basically, as long as the song can make me want to do little dance, I don’t really care if I don’t know the lyrics, I will enjoy it. Even if the song is in Japanese, India, Korea, Arabic, or any language that I don’t know.

In addition, it doesn’t bound by genre. Well, most of the song I like have rock genre though.

Even though I say it doesn’t matter in the song language, this song is in English though. I hope no one mind about that.