Should I change the theme?

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3 days ago, I got an email that offers me a discount for WordPress themes. I don’t usually subscribe to something unless I was forced to do it (like register for website or wifi) and forgot to unsubscribe.

It’s nothing important. It just a WordPress theme sale for X Theme and a couple of other themes. At first, I thought “well, I don’t need it. I already have it. And I don’t to buy it again”.

Then I remember the second theme from that same developer which is Pro Theme. I never check it but I heard it gives more customization options than X Theme.

So, I went to the Pro theme website to learn what the difference between both themes. And maybe in hope got a discount for an upgrade.

I don’t really get any useful information from the official site. I only got the Pro theme can give me additional abilities to modify the header and footer. That’s all I got.

Of course, I don’t give up there. I have this thirst that can’t be quenched unless I finally got what I want.

Just like any normal person, I went to the google to find if there any person who already bought it and made a demo or a tutorial about it.

I found one source on youtube. It’s not a demo but more like a tutorial to use the builder from the theme.

I don’t really want to watch it because I don’t really like watching youtube to find out about something. I don’t have any patience to do that. In addition, it was 2 hours long.

Well, I don’t have other choices though. It was the most relevant (read: less than 1 year ago) video I can find on the google at that moment. So I watch it.

Big mistakes.

It’s not that the video or the theme was bad, it just the theme doing exactly what I had in mind and it was amazing. Just as it says on the official site, it possible to modify header and footer sections.

But because of that, now I want it.

As of now, I don’t really use the page builder features from X theme yet. I plan to do it in the near future because I need to update some pages like contact me or about me page.

However, pro theme abilities to modify header and footer capture my attention. Different from modifying pages, modifying header/footer give a more satisfying feeling because it can affect all of the pages and everyone can see it when they access any pages on this site.

Not only that, the upgrade price is really cheap. Only $20.

Thankfully, I have this habits to think it through before buying something that exceeded my usual spending which is only $10. This saves me from doing spending spree.

Sometimes I wonder. Even though there’s nothing wrong with what I have right now, I still want to get more and more just because I see something I like.

Oh well, that human nature I guess…