Free Flat Icon

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Have you ever thought that “This would be great if I add an icon in there” when designing something but you don’t know how to find or to make one? Or even worse, you found the icon that you want but you have to pay for it?

This happens to my friend last year.

At first, he asks me that what software did I use to make 2D vector graphics. Of course, just like a great friend, I answer what I use for that.

However, a day after that, he asks me again if I have tutorials on how to make it. But since I don’t really like video tutorial (I don’t have any patience to watch), I gave him articles from my note. I thought this will be last time he asks.

Until next day, for the third time, he asks me if I could teach him how to do it.

I lost a bit patience, I ask him what did he want to do. I thought that “Maybe I can just directly give him an instruction how to achieve whatever he wants to do”.

Then he answers that he wants to get 2D flat icons for his website but the one he found wasn’t good enough. He did find other sources but he has to pay for it.

I laugh so hard after hearing this. (If my friend read this, sorry. I can’t help it okay.)

I mean he just wasted 3 days for icons. He could just ask me first what he wants to do and he can do it less than an hour (maybe).

Anyway, in case you ever need flat icons, you can just visit and use Icons 8. They provide you with free icons for free (thank them) and its qualities are good.

However, even though I said it is free, it has been licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported license. So you have to at least put the link in your website or purchase the license and you can use it for free.

I put this on this website because I’ve been asked couple times about the same question. So maybe it could be useful for other people as well.

Grab it here: