Designing New Logo

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I have a task I want to do since I first created this blog. The task is not complicated. It also won’t take too much time. It just to design a logo for this site. I forgot about it.

Until recently.

At that time, I only create a quick logo to fill the favicon so this blog would look legit. Or at least I want to show that this blog is a proper website.

It takes an hour to design the icon. It was very simple logo so an hour can be considered slow. Also, 75% of that time is just browsing the internet for inspiration. I justified this by saying I’m not logo designer. I also hope that ‘me’ in the future would take up the task and design it properly.

I’m too naive.

The time passes. And I still haven’t finished the task. I also noticed that I actually write it down in the Evernote but since the note doesn’t have a reminder or dedicated book/tag, it got buried.

Until I got a new MacBook Pro 3 month ago. It was my first time I have apple laptop so I played around with it including checking on this blog.

At first, I don’t notice anything wrong with the blog. It looks fine and nothing break, even on the retina display. And then after using the mac for 1 month, I began to notice that my blog favicon was a pixelated on the tab menu.

Now I understand why some WordPress theme would provide an option specifically for retina display.

So today, I began designing a logo and an icon for the blog.

Here are the results:

First draft, nothing fancy…

Also, for the icon:

First draft for the favicon…

If you got any feedback on the first draft, please do so in the comment section.

I haven’t tested it yet for the favicon on how it would look like if it scaled down to small size (32px X 32px). I remember that the first icon I design in very high resolution would look different when being scaled down.

The concept won’t be that much different from the previous icon. Just with a bigger resolution to support retina display.

Unless I change my mind tomorrow…