Winter Preparation

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Hello there!

It has been very cold this week. In fact, there was snow 2 days ago. It’s melting now since it warmer.

This will be my first time to live in a country that has 4 seasons. I still trying to get used to this temperature. Just for your information, my home country temperature is around 25C-33C.

It’s not that bad though. I already got used to winter temperature since I travel a lot to Europe in winter. However, this will be my first time living here in the UK. And from what I heard, it still not in the coldest month yet.

I’m not prepared for this…

To make it worse, I still haven’t prepared myself for the snow. I heard from my friend that Cambridge doesn’t get snow a lot. So I take it easy on shopping clothes, jackets or sweaters.

Which is very bad decisions.

I panicked a bit when the snow falling. I have a bit experience with snow and I understand how cold it will be. That why I know I’m not prepared enough for this.

Thankfully, it will be warmer in the next week. At least I can endure the current temperature with the help of blankets. Or just go somewhere that bit warmer. Like library.

I like to go to the library. However, it isn’t because I like to study, it just that it warm enough and have good internet as well.

And it’s free…