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As I describe in the post last week on how I make my own plugins because I can’t find any other plugin that works and can satisfy my need. At least as far as I know.

Through the Review Process

Just like other plugins, the plugin I make have to go to the WordPress review team to see if my plugin is safe to use and follow their standard.

However, I’m a bit surprised when there are so many plugins that still in the queue to be reviewed. After seeing that, I expect it takes a week (fastest) or even a month. I won’t even surprised if it takes more than that.

But since I don’t want to wait for the review team, I install it on my website manually. Just for you know that I hate to manually upload plugins manually.

Its like boiling water in the pot when you have a water heater.

To my surprise, it didn’t take long for them to review my plugin. Well, it didn’t get approved, but it kind of surprising how fast they work.

The reason it didn’t get approved is just that my readme is not complete. It’s a simple thing but I forgot about it until they send me an email to complete my readme file.

After I complete the readme and fix the plugin from the stuff that I forgot such as debug TextArea, I send them the reply email with updated files.

And it got approved in the next day.

You can find and download through the WordPress plugin page. The plugin will automatically be updated when the new update is available.

I hope the plugin runs fine for the other. It runs fine on my machine but there is a case where some weird issues happen on another machine.

Anyway, if you want to know more about this plugin, please read my previous post as I already explain what it does.

However, in the future, I will probably make a showcase page where I can display all of my work. So the description of the plugin will be moved to the showcase page. If something changed, don’t be surprised.