Getting Better from Coughs

Personal<1 min read

Hello there! I’m in high spirit today. I got better from my coughs. I’m not 100% yet, but comfortable enough to do coding and playing video games. It a weird illness though. I don’t think it a cold since my nose is no problem. I didn’t feel my throat itchy, but I got an urge to cough, and a lot. In fact, I woke up in the middle of the night and cough couple times. When I look at my phone,…

Feeling Unwell in The Past Couple Days

Personal<1 min read

In the last 2 days, I feel really horrible. I cough a lot, especially when I’m going to the bed and when the time I woke up. I don’t know why and what kind of illness this is, but I’m ill regardless. I have taken a medicine, but this medicine makes me sleepy. I have to excuse myself from the class because I can’t resist the sleepiness. I have been better now, but I still coughing a lot. I hope…

Did You Know, Starcraft 2 Goes Free to Play

Fun<1 min read

This morning, when I just wake up and open my mac (yeah, the first time I do after waking up is open my computer), I noticed from my client that Starcraft 2 goes free to play. I just found out now about this. Starcraft 2 is my favorite and go-to game but I just don’t read the news that much. I ask my friends and they told me that they already know 1 month ago. And they did not tell…

Easy to Find Music

Fun<1 min read

I just noticed the title of this song, quite unique. And it actually easy to find since it just use the number. I don’t have to remember the full title, just use the 800 title and you will find this song.

First Time Living in Cold Weather

Personal<1 min read

In this morning, my ear and hand hurt kinda hurt. I, naively, go outside without preparing for the cold temperature in the morning. Assuming today is just like any previous day. This isn’t my first time experienced the cold weather. I travel to Europe and other countries a lot in the autumn and winter, so I get used to it to some extent. But this my first time living and experienced season change from summer to autumn and to winter….

Auto Post Schedule, No More Manual Scheduling

Development1 min read

As I describe in the post last week on how I make my own plugins because I can’t find any other plugin that works and can satisfy my need. At least as far as I know. Through the Review Process Just like other plugins, the plugin I make have to go to the WordPress review team to see if my plugin is safe to use and follow their standard. However, I’m a bit surprised when there are so many plugins that…

Delayed Post Schedule

Personal1 min read

I just noticed yesterday that my post did not get published for some reason. The post scheduled at 7 am but it didn’t publish until 8 pm when I finally noticed that the home page isn’t changed. I try to make a habit to check the website just before I went to bed. Thankfully, because of that, the post still got posted on the same day. I can still keep doing ‘everyday 1 post’ thing. Why schedule? The reason why…

Changing my Writing Style

Personal<1 min read

As you probably already know and as you can see, my writing is not good. It’s hard to understand, not proofread, no structure at all, and sometimes not relevant at all. I realized this from a long ago but can’t exactly tell why it not good and how to fix it. This was my weak subject and always struggle in this subject. It didn’t really because my English is bad because this was happening even in my own language. What…

Can’t Get This Out from My Head

Fun<1 min read

Help! I can’t get this song out of my head. I didn’t really like the lyrics of this song, but I really love the tempo, the feel and how it sound. However, when you sing the same song again and again in your head, it makes you crazy.