Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds Impression

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Lately, I have been hooked playing Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds. I’m sure you already know this game since it got pretty popular in the last couple weeks. But for you who don’t know what this game is, in short, it is a 3rd person battle royal game where you must kill each other until there is only one person/group alive. Just think like hunger games. You fight each other until there is only one but you can’t talk to each other except you are playing in a group.

In this post, I will try to why I was hooked to play this game and recommend it to other people. But as always, it really objective from my point of view about what I like and what I don’t like about the game.

The Good

  • The objective is simple enough. If you are playing solo then your objective is just to kill everyone. Or if you play in a group, you just have to kill everyone else that not in your group.
  • There is a variety of weapon you can choose to fight and it got healing and armor to help you survive. It even has weapon modification like red dot sight or long range scope to help your aim. And for the ranged weapon, you use an ammo to shoot so you definitely can’t shoot infinitely.
  • It got a car that you can drive somewhere, but beware. Using a car is the only way to move really fast across the map but it come with a downside. Everyone around you will hear there is a car being driven since the car is really loud and they can shoot you through the window if they choose to.
  • There is area restriction mechanic. It got marked on your map and if you are on the outside of the allowed area, you got damaged over time until you die. The allowed area got smaller and smaller over time until it really small so if you never meet any enemies with this you definitely would. This is good since it can force people to move (not just camping forever) and control how long the game will last at maximum.

The Bad

  • Performance is still pretty bad. I know it still on early access and from what I hear it just 7 months since it first being developed, but I can’t help to say it since sometimes it can be really bad. On my system, it can be down to 20 fps.
  • Network performance is still bad, sometimes you got rubber banding. Sometimes you meet people with high ping teleporting around.
  • Change the game graphics settings to all low definitely can give you advantage. I really hate it when you can do this. Game settings shouldn’t give anyone advantage. I didn’t mean settings like changing your crosshair or changingField of View or something like that. Sure it can help you aim but not that much since it really depends on your skills. What I’m talking about is an exploit, like when you can see the enemies due to grass and shadow being disabled in low settings.

The Both (This can count as good or bad depending on your preference, so I put it over here)

  • I like the randomness of this game. Sometimes you got the best possible item and setup in the game like you got the best weapon and armor early on, sometimes you got nothing and you must fight again 3 enemies that using a rifle.
  • The area restriction got smaller really fast. Faster that you can move. So if you want to survive, you must move before area restriction phase is begun. Not only that, the location which is the center of allowed area is random. So, sometimes it can work in your favor. Sometimes, it doesn’t.

I think that all I can think of so far. So we have come to the last question, is it worth to buy it?

This really depends on your preference, if you like battle royal/last man standing and if you trust the developer that will do their best to develop the game (just like all early access game) and if you can accept the randomness of battle royal, then you should buy it. It really good. A little bit too pricey if I compare it to the current state. If not then maybe you must think it over or wait for it to be on discount.

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