Coming Back to Blogging

Announcement3 min read

So, it has been like what? 11 month since last time I update this blog. The last post I write is “tell” people to Normalize Their CSS and then I’m gone from this site. It not like I abandon this website or lose interest, I have my “excuse”.

My excuse is that when the last post is being published, I’m moving to the different city. It takes a while to prepare since there is a lot of stuff that needs to be packed. Not only that, but I have to unregister things like the internet, TV, electricity, and water since they are billed to my credit card. It didn’t take long tough, just needs 3 days to complete. After that, I only need 1 day to move thing from my old place to the new place.

That didn’t take very long, I know. But, that not the real reason that makes me stop.

After moving and registering my name as a resident there, I didn’t realize that I still don’t have any internet connection except for my phone. So I went to internet provider nearby and ask for new installation. Sure it didn’t take long to register and I have no problem with the service either. It good, 9 out of 10. But what come after that blown my mind. To be honest, it amazes me how bad it is. Well, okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit, but hear me out first.

When I register for Internet connection for my new place, I think it may need 3 days or 1-2 weeks at most. Since at previous place that it only needs 3 days even if it needs to pull a cable a bit far. So for this new installation, 1 week is already long since the cable is already there. But how wrong I was. Guess how long it takes. A whole 3 month, like literally 3 exact months, 90 days.

Usually, I hate it when people making excuse and here I am making one.

Yeah, I know. If I really want to post, then I will go to an internet cafe or something. Or maybe write it on my phone, even if it bad or not bring good writing quality (wtf I’m talking about, since when my writing is in “good quality”) at least I’m still writing. But I guess my laziness and me making excuse to myself is the problem. Lesson learned.

Enough about my excuse, now let’s talk about the future.

My plan, for now, is just like before. I’m going to write as frequently as possible, still not going for popularity or anything, and just want to improve my writing and my English skills. If possible, I want to write every day. Short post is fine, as long as I put my time every day to write something anything is fine. I’m the type of person that if I stop doing something, I will stop doing it for really long time.

Wanting to write every day make me a bit of afraid sometimes. What if I got writing slump since I write every day? I got a bit of insecurity when I think about that. I don’t want to stop. I want writing to be one of my habits. On the positive side, since I don’t really restrict myself what to write on this site (sorry for the mess), I literally can write anything. From productive things like web/desktop/game development to everyday life like gaming, music or anime. So maybe I won’t get writing slump.

One thing for sure is that I want to try to add more story on each of my blog posts. Why? I want to expand my word and vocabulary so I don’t use and repeat the word. I’m sure someone already notices it but don’t say a word.

I’m good at creating a story and it pretty easy for me. I have a ton of stories in my note. It not always good one but at least they still count, right? The problem is that I can’t tell or describe the story I made well enough for people that read it to understand. And that always my biggest issue.

I hope that I can fix it with writing frequently on this blog.

That it for this post. tl;dr of this post is just me trying to tell that I’m back to this blog and very eager to write another blog post. You can expect more update on this site, maybe it won’t be that good at first but I will try to gradually get better over time.