Playing Torchlight II Again

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Recently, I got the urge to playing some Hack & Slash Action RPG games like Diablo or Torchlight. I miss the feeling of grinding, build, raid, spell spamming, etc from that type of games. I know some activity like that can be boring, especially grinding. Urgh, who like grinding in video games. But still, I miss it.

TL2 banner

The problem is, which games should I play?

I have been playing the original Torchlight and the second one, on Steam of course. I don’t really want to play it again since I have been playing it too much before, more than 200 hours. There is so much great game out here, playing and dedicated myself to only one game is kind of boring and tiring.

I play both original Diablo and Diablo II but I never play the third one, Diablo III. I want to try and play it, but it really expensive. If it on Steam, I definitely buy it. Other than that, well, maybe later. I didn’t buy it back then since the review and people said that it not that good. But now I heard that they update it regularly and it becomes good enough.

Either way, I still want to play it. Curious you know.

For now tough, since I only have access to Torchlight II, I can’t help but play this game again. But now, I will play it with a mod and custom class.

I use this Steam Workshop Collection called Torchlight II Expanded Experience Collection. If you still have any interest to play Torchlight II again and want to mod it, you may want to check it out. It no vanilla breaker mod, so you can still feel like it was Torchlight II but with more stuff in it and some changes there and there.

TL2 Expanded Experience

And I’m surprised, the game become so much harder. Too much I think. You can’t help but do cookie cutter strategy early game.

And the trap. Before you can just ignore any trap, they didn’t really deal too much damage. But with this mod collection, you definitely want to avoid any of them. Poison will deal huge damage every seconds. I try to use a potion to prevent my health to reach 0 but its healing point is even with the damage it deals. So if there is an enemy and it damaging you, you can’t really heal your health, except using skill or spell or a second potion.

Still, I’m happy with it. It just too boring before since I can just play it easily with my Berserker. But I can’t do that anymore. I can if I lower the difficulty, but I don’t want to. After I got the taste of playing on the harder difficulty, I just can’t come back to the easier difficulty. The game will become too boring.

Just like before, after playing it several hours, I get the same feeling when I play this game when it first released. It’s too normal. It is hard to describe how I feel about that. Not too good but not too bad either. Hard to say.

Still, it the only game I have with that genre. Maybe I should try other game like Diablo III or Grim Dawn for the next game.