Normalize Your Website CSS

Development4 min read

I have been wondering back then when I design a website for serious work for the first time. It seems that website theme out here has a similar design but still maintain its compatibility with many browsers. And what make me more curious is that when I browse the CSS style on their design, it seems that they are replacing a lot of style from the previously defined style. It makes me curious because why not just change the previous style…

htaccess for Friendly URL on Web

Development2 min read

Have you ever wonder how to change your website URL to be more friendly and pretty one? Like for example, you can see at this site, I use URL like this: Rather than I’m sure the first one is friendlier and prettier than the second one. But the question is, how do I do that? Not for the WordPress one, but for general one like the website you created by yourself. Normally, when you write URL like this:…

Twitch Problems, As Viewer

Development5 min read

Note: This is only valid until this post was published since twitch can change a thing or two. I have been using Twitch quite frequently in the last couple month. It’s quite different from Youtube because what you watch is real-time action with a delay for seconds or minutes.  That mean any mistake made in the live stream can’t be undone or edited. But hey, that what make it different from Youtube. You can enjoy the real-time interaction between streamer…

Create Clean Branch in Git

Development1 min read

Normally, whenever you create a new branch, you need the original branch and then you branch them. The problem is, they have a parent branch. The commit history from the original branch will be carried to your new branch too. This is intentional and not the git issue. That how git branch supposed to be work. Normally, you don’t need to create a completely new branch. Rather, you create a new repository. It new project anyway, so it best to use a…

Playing Torchlight II Again

Fun2 min read

Recently, I got the urge to playing some Hack & Slash Action RPG games like Diablo or Torchlight. I miss the feeling of grinding, build, raid, spell spamming, etc from that type of games. I know some activity like that can be boring, especially grinding. Urgh, who like grinding in video games. But still, I miss it. The problem is, which games should I play? I have been playing the original Torchlight and the second one, on Steam of course….

Some Youtube Annoyance

Development4 min read

Youtube, the biggest video sharing website. Well, no need for me to explain. I’m sure you know about it. I’m sure you enjoying watching video on youtube as it is, but I feel like it can improve a bit more. I’m using Youtube heavily, especially when I’m working. I don’t know why, but when I’m working, I feel more productive when I play some videos on my second screen. Even if I just listen to it. Some important thing you…