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Stardew Valley, or should I say the new Harvest Moon?

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When I first knew the game when I open twitch to watch some starcraft stream, I can’t help but get the familiar feeling with the Harvest Moon game that I play when I was a child. Well, at least without the RPG elements in Stardew Valley, I will think it is the new Harvest Moon game with the different name.

For you who never play Harvest Moon, you may don’t get any idea what this game is all about.

What Is This Game About?

Basically, this game is about farming. You can plant some plants, water them and harvest them after it matures. You can then sell, store or use them to cook some food.

You will be given basic tools at the start of the game like an axe to cut down a tree, hammer to destroy a rock, a hoe to make soil for your plant grow, a fishing rod to catch fish and a sword. You can upgrade them to increase tools effectiveness and some tree or rock can’t be cut or destroyed if your tools are not upgraded.

There are health and stamina the game. Basically, health represents your character life and can be damaged by the enemy in the game and there is stamina which will be used every time you use your tools.

If your health dropped to zero, you will pass out and after you woke up, you will lose some item in your inventory. So be careful when your health is low, you don’t want to lose some precious item don’t you?

If your stamina reaching zero, you can’t run or using any tools. This is not that bad compared to lose all your health.

To restore health and stamina, you can eat some food, rest at hot spring, or sleep. But since sleeping will advance the day, you may want to eat food or rest at hot spring instead.

But that not all you can do in this game you can craft equipment, build a building, or upgrade your house. Of course, you need to collect the resource it needs to do some crafting, build or upgrade.

And there are villagers in the game which you can interact, befriend with and even marry with some of them.



I really love this game. It one solid game (not some early access buggy game), relaxing because there is no strict outcome you must reach and you can play whatever you want. There is no right way to play this game. You can waste all in-game day doing nothing or you can seriously plan and manage your activity to maximize profit. It’s up to you.

As far as I know, there is no game over in the game. So, you don’t have to be afraid of failing.

And I think it is quite balanced in the terms of activity. Since there is so much thing to do (either you choose to do it or not) each day and how long the day is.

I personally recommend you to try this game. I know the graphics are not that appealing but the game is pretty solid and if you like a simulation game, you may also like this game. And even if it already released, it still got updated and there is a future plan from the developer which will add multiplayer in the game.

And you can mod this game too.

I think this is all I can write about the game right now, don’t know what to write here since I really like the game. Thank you for reading.