Facebook has Like reaction now

Development1 min read

A while ago when I open the facebook, for checking an appointment for work made via facebook. One of my friends makes a stupid ‘status’ or you can even say dumb. I don’t know if he is serious but it’s really funny. I was going to push the Like button for his status but then I notice that there are options in the Like button such as ‘Wow’, ‘Sad’, and more. And my thought that since when facebook has this kind…

Trip to Thailand – Day 1

Fun2 min read

Last week I made an announcement post that I’m going to Thailand for 5 days, not exactly 5 days though since I must stay over in Jakarta for one day. Honestly, I don’t really know the schedule of my trip that time because my trip is organized by some company I work with. Let just say it’s name is The Company for now. It’s a group trip so there will be a lot of people I don’t know, and I’m going alone…

Hack Summit 2016

Announcement<1 min read

Hey guys, did you know that Hack Summit event where many great developers will talk and share it knowledge with us in live virtual conference for completely free of charge? If you don’t know yet and you are a developer. It’s pretty unfortunate if you don’t watch this event. It first started in 2015 and it held again this year. I won’t tell more about the event in this post since you can find out more at their website (link…

The Witcher Enhanced Edition

Fun2 min read

2 week ago when Steam has Chinese new year discount event I bought The Witcher 3 and it’s DLC. I actually don’t really like it when I look at it gameplay trailer or from people playing on youtube or twitch. And I don’t think I really like how Gerald’s voice sounds like but it’s not that important. I got interested in it because most people say that The Witcher 3 is really good, it even got game of the year 2015…

Restaurant City is Back

Fun<1 min read

I notice it a while ago when I open my facebook page that Restaurant City is back. I don’t usually enjoy facebook games since they usually in-apps purchase or pay to win games but I really enjoy this one because it doesn’t really take too much of my times and the purchase option is only for fashion or ingredients. It comes with a different name, Restaurant City 2016. But not only the name that changed, it comes with some different…

Infinty Darkness

Showcase<1 min read

I post my reason about why I stop blogging a while ago. Here is the trailer about my thesis. It mostly inspired by my college building that often got blackout (silly, I know) and amnesia style where you can’t do anything except run or hide and made and designed for Oculus Rift. I’m sorry if there aren’t any demo or anything, I can’t really do that. Youtube – [Link]  

Why I stop playing MMORPG?

Fun1 min read

I have been stopped playing MMORPG for 6 years for now. Yup, 6 years. I’m not playing that genre at all. Nope, not even World of Warcraft or something similar. Why? I notice it for the first time when I playing some games like Skyrim, Torchlight, or Assassin Creed II if I’m not wrong and back then I don’t really notice it. I play MMORPG because my friends invite me to play. Personally, I think it’s fun when you can…

I’m Back

Announcement1 min read

I have been gone for about 3 months right now I think and without notice. And if you ask if I’m being lazy or abandoning this site or whatever you think the reason is. My answer is no, absolutely no. Don’t worry. I know I shouldn’t have to disappear without notice but things get really busy really fast. So, what’s going on? I’m in my final year of my college life and I work on my thesis which is pretty complicated, complex…