C++ Singleton

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In my previous post, I talk about one of C++ pitfall in Global Object and how to avoid it. I forgot is to add is Singleton to handle Global Object. This is actually quite simple in C++, but it must use template. I don’t know for sure if you can’t do Singleton in C++ without template, but as far as I know, you can’t.  So if you don’t like using template then maybe you have to do different approach. Here are…

What is DLL Hell?

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I keep hearing this when I discuss DLL or dynamic linking, but I don’t know what they mean. Some people I know always telling me to be careful about the distribution of my DLL because it can cause DLL Hell, but they don’t explain it to me what it mean or what it do. So What is it? I will explain it with an example. So Application A installs a Shared DLL X version 1.0, but then Application B install…

Static Linking vs Dynamic Linking?

Development1 min read

I have some problem when using C++ library, especially if they are using different C Run-Time (CRT) library configuration such as static (/MT) and dynamic (/MD). Usually, the library I’m using is choosing dynamic CRT for their build configuration, but sometimes there will be a one of the libraries is using static CRT. My Question is, why they are using Static or Dynamic CRT? I mean, there must be a reason in C/C++ so CRT can be built with multiple…

Some Pitfall Using Global Object in C++

Development2 min read

When doing programming project, you may need to have a global object in your application. At least that what happen to me. Maybe because I need it for all my code or required by my sub-system or any other reason you can think of. But whatever the reason is, I frequently need to make a global object. In C++, this can be done with multiple ways, such as: Static Class Or you can use a static class. But since in C++…

Bitbucket Graph Statistic

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If you often working on Github then want to Bitbucket because some reason, maybe you miss the Github statistic like how many commits, contributor statistic, graph, etc. Well, you are not alone.   Many people seem to think the same way that Bitbucket need some statistic so we can manage repository better, like Github. Maybe you just want to see how many commit, or want to see Activity Time, or just want to see a nice graph of your repository….

Remove Fallout 4 Nerf Damage

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If you found that Fallout 4 combat is like Borderlands series, you are not alone. I have been playing this game for 20 hours in survival difficulty and I miss the feel of high damage in combat when I play Fallout 3/New Vegas modded. Either enemy dies really fast, or I die from 1-3 bullet shots. This is what I want for Fallout 4 combat, not like Borderlands combat where you have to shoot 100 times. Fortunately, someone made this…

How to explain Game Commentary

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I often keep getting a question from people especially my friends that why I’m watching someone else playing the game rather than playing it by myself. Well, I hope this short comic is enough to answer the question they ask. Comic from Loading Artist

Fallout 4 Need More Key Bindings

Fun1 min read

As predicted by some of Fallout enthusiast, Fallout 4, just like any other Bethesda games need more key bindings. And some defined key need to be fixed so it can be changed like ‘E’ button that stand for activation key by default. For some people that rebind the key like WASD to ESDF will be annoyed because the ‘E’ key still bound to some command even if they want to change it differently. But for some key like ‘Left Alt’…

SourceTree, Best Git Client

Development2 min read

Today, I want to do a bit of a review to one of my favorite Git Client, SourceTree, made by Atlassian which is a company that makes an online productivity service such as Bitbucket, Jira and many more if you already know it. There’s a reason why I love SourceTree so much that it become an essential application on my computer, its pity though it doesn’t available on Linux. Here are some of them: It Provides GUI What is this? 90′?…

Fallout 4 UI is pretty disturbing

Fun1 min read

Fallout 4 launched today and I must say I was impressed by this new series of Fallout. In fact, I’m bit surprised because really good, better graphic, less glitch, and so on. I won’t review too much because I haven’t played this game for a long time yet. Instead, what I want to talk in this post is Fallout UI (User Interface). Yes, that green looking thing in your screen, maybe you can see in the screenshot above. I don’t know…