Twitter has Poll?

Development<1 min read

Surprise. Maybe for all of us. Twitter now has a poll button, same as facebook or google+. Previously, you may use an external site like Straw Poll or your own website to do this. Now if you want to ask for a public opinion you can use twitter poll for that. This is one of feature you will like if you are a poll creator. Because as far as I know, twitter is a great place to ask for public opinion….

Visual Studio DXSDK_DIR is not set

Development1 min read

Couple days ago, I encounter error DXSDK_DIR is not set or something like that when compiling a project in Visual Studio. Well, that weird, I’m sure I already have DXSDK since forever. I’m trying to browse the internet a bit and I found that DirectX SDK is already included in Windows SDK. There is no need for me to install DirectX SDK, but it said that DXSDK_DIR is not set. It’s confusing. I found this problem when I try building…

DirectX SDK (June 2010) Setup and the S1023 error

Development<1 min read

I try to install DirextX SDK (June 2010) in hope to fix missing DXSDK_DIR is not found on visual studio error. Unfortunately, I encounter S1023 error when trying to install them. And there’s no description what the error is. I found out that this issue is known issue and luckily for us this issue can be fixed easily and pretty straight forward. Here are step by step: Remove Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package version 10.0.40219 (Service Pack 1) from your…

Ogre Depedencies CMAKE Configure Error

Development1 min read

When you building an Ogre3d from source, you will need to build it dependencies first. You can download it one by one and build it yourself, or you can use dependencies that provided by ogre team to build its dependencies easily. I try to build Ogre3d dependencies using what they provide on Bitbucket but it failed before I can even build it. It’s the type of error I really bad with because I’m not really experienced with build system like CMAKE…

Reminder: Fallout 4

Announcement<1 min read

Just a quick reminder. One of my favorite game series, Fallout 4 will launch at 10 November 2015 which is 2 week after this post published. For you who doesn’t own Fallout 4 yet, you may pre-order them before it launched. Or if for whatever reason you want to wait until it was launched like me, you can play previous games (Fallout New Vegas or Fallout 3) or tycoon fallout (Fallout Shelter) until it came out. Steam – [Link]

YouTube Red? Seriously Google?

Development1 min read

YouTube Red? What is it? A new porn site? Seriously, why they name it YouTube Red? I mean when I hear that name I feel like it is one of those websites that contain mature content or something like that which is not safe for work. Google announced YouTube Red, paid $10 per month subscription version of Youtube where you got more feature that Youtube. So what you got if you subscribe to YouTube Red? I mean, what the difference…

Clever Games on Twitter

Fun<1 min read

I found a simple but unique games that let you play a game solely on twitter. This game doesn’t require you tweeting a tweet or sign up to an app on twitter, just click the link and choose your option provided on a tweet. If you have a 10-30 minutes today and have a twitter account, you may want to hop into twitter right now. This is a very clever way of using social media as a gaming platform. I don’t…

To-Do List for Skyrim?

Fun3 min read

I saw this post today and thinking about it for a while. It’s quite an interesting concept when you usually try to create a to-do list to become more productive, for this you make a to-do list so you can play and get things done in games. It sound silly at first but if you think it long enough, it actually makes sense for some reason. Here’s why I think that this is somewhat useful:’ Quest List is not really good…

How to Create Windows 10 ISO

Development1 min read

If you haven’t installed Windows 10 yet or want to clean install windows 10. You may wonder how to get a Windows 10 ISO file to burn them to DVD. In this post I will guide you how to do that. Don’t worry, it’s quite easy because Microsoft already make us a tools for downloading them. First thing first Make sure you have what it need to download Windows 10, among them are: Internet Connection (Duh!) Have data storage that…

Steelseries Sensei Slight Pause

Development1 min read

I have been using Steelseries Sensei for a while now, about 6 months now I think. And my impression is it was great mouse despite the design is so simple compared to other manufacture such as Razer. It comfortable in my hand, have a key profile for a specific application which is important and the color can be changed based on a profile. But one thing I notice is that the mouse isn’t responding or moving until I press left click button….