Favorite Place in Cambridge: Library

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As an international student, especially when the destination place is very different from your own country, finding a comfortable place is a must. Not only it will be the place for study, it also a place where you can stay comfortably. Because if you are like me, coming from a warm country, then suddenly going into a country where normally cold, it won’t be pleasant. That’s why the first thing I want to do when I arrived in the UK…

Block Annoying Wesbite Notification Request

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Recently, I began to notice an increase in the request for notification when I open some website. Almost every website I visit will ask me for notification request. I don’t know if it happens just recently or it already happens for quite some time. I don’t really understand why those websites do that. Either way, it is annoying. For me, unlike advertisements, a notification request is not that intrusive. However, when I have to click I don’t want them for every website I visit,…

Free Flat Icon

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Have you ever thought that “This would be great if I add an icon in there” when designing something but you don’t know how to find or to make one? Or even worse, you found the icon that you want but you have to pay for it? This happens to my friend last year. At first, he asks me that what software did I use to make 2D vector graphics. Of course, just like a great friend, I answer what I…

Tsuko G. RUNNING IN 90s

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Today, I found a really fun music. How come I never listen to this song before. It’s an anime song though. It came from very old anime called “Initial D”. It about street car racing or something like that (I’m not sure). It’s not my kind of anime. Nevertheless, it still has some enjoyable music. If you hate anime, you probably won’t like this song. Regardless, here is the youtube version: I don’t remember if I ever told this to anyone…

Designing New Logo

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I have a task I want to do since I first created this blog. The task is not complicated. It also won’t take too much time. It just to design a logo for this site. I forgot about it. Until recently. At that time, I only create a quick logo to fill the favicon so this blog would look legit. Or at least I want to show that this blog is a proper website. It takes an hour to design the icon….

Should I change the theme?

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3 days ago, I got an email that offers me a discount for WordPress themes. I don’t usually subscribe to something unless I was forced to do it (like register for website or wifi) and forgot to unsubscribe. It’s nothing important. It just a WordPress theme sale for X Theme and a couple of other themes. At first, I thought “well, I don’t need it. I already have it. And I don’t to buy it again”. Then I remember the…

Happy New Year 2018

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Happy new year!!! I know it is a little bit late but better than nothing. I hope everyone is doing well. It isn’t the best year I admit but let’s start this year with a positive attitude regardless. Anyway, this year is a bit different for me. Usually, I celebrate the new year in my home. No, it not because I don’t any friends. I and my friends prefer to we make a small party in someone house and celebrate…

Confused on my Manga Reader future Development

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Last year, when I develop the new version of my hobby software which is manga reader, I found some weakness in it that I’m not sure on how should I approach this. First of all, when I first develop manga reader software, I decide to develop it as a website since I only need to develop 1 software and it can work on all devices I own. Second, I only know how to make desktop or website application. I just entered…

Adding Next/Prev Button for X Themes

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Lately, I have been looking at how my website looks like and I noticed that my website is lack of navigation. Don’t get me wrong, I like the current design of my website. But I always think about usability first rather than the design. Fortunately, adding this feature is not a hard thing to do. If you don’t know how to do it, don’t worry. I share the code below so you just need to copy it into your child…

Winter Preparation

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Hello there! It has been very cold this week. In fact, there was snow 2 days ago. It’s melting now since it warmer. This will be my first time to live in a country that has 4 seasons. I still trying to get used to this temperature. Just for your information, my home country temperature is around 25C-33C. It’s not that bad though. I already got used to winter temperature since I travel a lot to Europe in winter. However, this…