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Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds Impression

Lately, I have been hooked playing Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds. I’m sure you already know this game since it got pretty popular in the last couple weeks. But for you who don’t know what this game is, in short, it is a 3rd person battle royal game where you must kill each other until there is only one person/group alive. Just think like hunger games. You fight each other until there is only one but you can’t talk to each other except you are playing in a group.

In this post, I will try to why I was hooked to play this game and recommend it to other people. But as always, it really objective from my point of view about what I like and what I don’t like about the game.

The Good

  • The objective is simple enough. If you are playing solo then your objective is just to kill everyone. Or if you play in a group, you just have to kill everyone else that not in your group.
  • There is a variety of weapon you can choose to fight and it got healing and armor to help you survive. It even has weapon modification like red dot sight or long range scope to help your aim. And for the ranged weapon, you use an ammo to shoot so you definitely can’t shoot infinitely.
  • It got a car that you can drive somewhere, but beware. Using a car is the only way to move really fast across the map but it come with a downside. Everyone around you will hear there is a car being driven since the car is really loud and they can shoot you through the window if they choose to.
  • There is area restriction mechanic. It got marked on your map and if you are on the outside of the allowed area, you got damaged over time until you die. The allowed area got smaller and smaller over time until it really small so if you never meet any enemies with this you definitely would. This is good since it can force people to move (not just camping forever) and control how long the game will last at maximum.

The Bad

  • Performance is still pretty bad. I know it still on early access and from what I hear it just 7 months since it first being developed, but I can’t help to say it since sometimes it can be really bad. On my system, it can be down to 20 fps.
  • Network performance is still bad, sometimes you got rubber banding. Sometimes you meet people with high ping teleporting around.
  • Change the game graphics settings to all low definitely can give you advantage. I really hate it when you can do this. Game settings shouldn’t give anyone advantage. I didn’t mean settings like changing your crosshair or changingField of View or something like that. Sure it can help you aim but not that much since it really depends on your skills. What I’m talking about is an exploit, like when you can see the enemies due to grass and shadow being disabled in low settings.

The Both (This can count as good or bad depending on your preference, so I put it over here)

  • I like the randomness of this game. Sometimes you got the best possible item and setup in the game like you got the best weapon and armor early on, sometimes you got nothing and you must fight again 3 enemies that using a rifle.
  • The area restriction got smaller really fast. Faster that you can move. So if you want to survive, you must move before area restriction phase is begun. Not only that, the location which is the center of allowed area is random. So, sometimes it can work in your favor. Sometimes, it doesn’t.

I think that all I can think of so far. So we have come to the last question, is it worth to buy it?

This really depends on your preference, if you like battle royal/last man standing and if you trust the developer that will do their best to develop the game (just like all early access game) and if you can accept the randomness of battle royal, then you should buy it. It really good. A little bit too pricey if I compare it to the current state. If not then maybe you must think it over or wait for it to be on discount.

[Steam] [Official Website]

Playing Torchlight II Again

Recently, I got the urge to playing some Hack & Slash Action RPG games like Diablo or Torchlight. I miss the feeling of grinding, build, raid, spell spamming, etc from that type of games. I know some activity like that can be boring, especially grinding. Urgh, who like grinding in video games. But still, I miss it.

TL2 banner

The problem is, which games should I play?

I have been playing the original Torchlight and the second one, on Steam of course. I don’t really want to play it again since I have been playing it too much before, more than 200 hours. There is so much great game out here, playing and dedicated myself to only one game is kind of boring and tiring.

I play both original Diablo and Diablo II but I never play the third one, Diablo III. I want to try and play it, but it really expensive. If it on Steam, I definitely buy it. Other than that, well, maybe later. I didn’t buy it back then since the review and people said that it not that good. But now I heard that they update it regularly and it becomes good enough.

Either way, I still want to play it. Curious you know.

For now tough, since I only have access to Torchlight II, I can’t help but play this game again. But now, I will play it with a mod and custom class.

I use this Steam Workshop Collection called Torchlight II Expanded Experience Collection. If you still have any interest to play Torchlight II again and want to mod it, you may want to check it out. It no vanilla breaker mod, so you can still feel like it was Torchlight II but with more stuff in it and some changes there and there.

TL2 Expanded Experience

And I’m surprised, the game become so much harder. Too much I think. You can’t help but do cookie cutter strategy early game.

And the trap. Before you can just ignore any trap, they didn’t really deal too much damage. But with this mod collection, you definitely want to avoid any of them. Poison will deal huge damage every seconds. I try to use a potion to prevent my health to reach 0 but its healing point is even with the damage it deals. So if there is an enemy and it damaging you, you can’t really heal your health, except using skill or spell or a second potion.

Still, I’m happy with it. It just too boring before since I can just play it easily with my Berserker. But I can’t do that anymore. I can if I lower the difficulty, but I don’t want to. After I got the taste of playing on the harder difficulty, I just can’t come back to the easier difficulty. The game will become too boring.

Just like before, after playing it several hours, I get the same feeling when I play this game when it first released. It’s too normal. It is hard to describe how I feel about that. Not too good but not too bad either. Hard to say.

Still, it the only game I have with that genre. Maybe I should try other game like Diablo III or Grim Dawn for the next game.

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley, or should I say the new Harvest Moon?

StardewModdingAPI 2016-04-14 18-26-02-39

When I first knew the game when I open twitch to watch some starcraft stream, I can’t help but get the familiar feeling with the Harvest Moon game that I play when I was a child. Well, at least without the RPG elements in Stardew Valley, I will think it is the new Harvest Moon game with the different name.

For you who never play Harvest Moon, you may don’t get any idea what this game is all about.

What Is This Game About?

Basically, this game is about farming. You can plant some plants, water them and harvest them after it matures. You can then sell, store or use them to cook some food.

You will be given basic tools at the start of the game like an axe to cut down a tree, hammer to destroy a rock, a hoe to make soil for your plant grow, a fishing rod to catch fish and a sword. You can upgrade them to increase tools effectiveness and some tree or rock can’t be cut or destroyed if your tools are not upgraded.

There are health and stamina the game. Basically, health represents your character life and can be damaged by the enemy in the game and there is stamina which will be used every time you use your tools.

If your health dropped to zero, you will pass out and after you woke up, you will lose some item in your inventory. So be careful when your health is low, you don’t want to lose some precious item don’t you?

If your stamina reaching zero, you can’t run or using any tools. This is not that bad compared to lose all your health.

To restore health and stamina, you can eat some food, rest at hot spring, or sleep. But since sleeping will advance the day, you may want to eat food or rest at hot spring instead.

But that not all you can do in this game you can craft equipment, build a building, or upgrade your house. Of course, you need to collect the resource it needs to do some crafting, build or upgrade.

And there are villagers in the game which you can interact, befriend with and even marry with some of them.



I really love this game. It one solid game (not some early access buggy game), relaxing because there is no strict outcome you must reach and you can play whatever you want. There is no right way to play this game. You can waste all in-game day doing nothing or you can seriously plan and manage your activity to maximize profit. It’s up to you.

As far as I know, there is no game over in the game. So, you don’t have to be afraid of failing.

And I think it is quite balanced in the terms of activity. Since there is so much thing to do (either you choose to do it or not) each day and how long the day is.

I personally recommend you to try this game. I know the graphics are not that appealing but the game is pretty solid and if you like a simulation game, you may also like this game. And even if it already released, it still got updated and there is a future plan from the developer which will add multiplayer in the game.

And you can mod this game too.

I think this is all I can write about the game right now, don’t know what to write here since I really like the game. Thank you for reading.

The Witcher 1 Enhanced Edition Tips

I have been playing this game for 30+ hours with and without a mod, and I have some tips that I can give to other who want or still play this game. I discover some of this when I play the game. Some of them I found on the internet but I will only share it if I’m using it. Here are some of them:


  • Use sword type correctly. Steel Sword for natural being like human, dog, or wolf. Silver Sword for unnatural being like undead and something like that.
  • Combat style too is important. Be sure to read monster glossary to identify monster strength and weakness.
  • You can focus upgrading Group Style early because in group fight (fight against 3+ enemy) is usually where you are fucked up and die horribly.
  • Only upgrade Aard sign, this is the best sign you can use in the game. Or with Igni too if you want some sign damage. Other than that, nothing seems worth it.
  • Alchemy is important in the witcher games, it will make the game much easier. Swallows and Blizzard potion is your best friend.


  • Sometimes this is overlooked but you can use CTRL+Click to loot all of the item from the dead monster, wardrobe, or anything you can open.
  • Don’t spend money for meditating or sleeping. There is so much more option to do that for free. For example, you can use Campfire, it’s pretty much anywhere.
  • Some NPC has a time when they will appear. If you can’t find that NPC, you can try to meditate to wait for that NPC.
  • Choosing Fast Style allow Gerald’s to move faster.
  • Try to explore the game and do the side quest as much as you can, they give you pretty good reward sometimes.


This tips has some spoilers in it. I will try my best not to tell you too much, but sometimes it can’t be helped.

Spoiler Tips

Solved with Mod

  • This game has a lot of running, you can try to install this mod called Faster Movement Speed to increase your movement speed.
  • Alchemy is important, but you are too tired to pick all the ingredients too many times. TW1 All herbs can give you more ingredients per pick.
  • Poker is a great way to me money, but sometimes it’s too tiring. You can use One-round Dice Poker Mod to make poker one round only.

I know there are much more tips out here but this is what I found and use so far. If I found new tips that seem useful, I will share and update in this post.

Full Combat Rebalance The Witcher

Few days ago, I make a post about modding The Witcher Enhanced Edition. And I suggest one mod to overhaul combat mechanic so it becomes more interesting. And you know what? Don’t install that mod if you aren’t ready for a frustrating game!


I have been playing with it for several days. I found the combat is harder, but not in a fun way. It’s more in frustrating than fun.

You know how The Witcher combat system is and that pretty sucks. I found that Blizzard potion becomes essential in combat. Without that, the games become almost impossible. Don’t even mention evade by jumping, they are useless.

And what more annoying is that stun lock. If you got stunned, don’t bother to wait for it to end. You will be dead by that time. The enemy attack is become more hurt as well. So if you got stunned, just reload.

If only combat system in The Witcher EE is like The Witcher 2, I won’t make any complaint. Seriously.

But still, the mod is really amazing. It really overhauls The Witcher combat, it became much more interesting. The talent, alchemy, etc. Especially the talents. If you haven’t tried this mod yet, be prepared to be really frustrated in combat.

Maybe for some masochist people out here can enjoy playing with this mod. For me, it’s not fun at all.

Element TD is back to Dota 2

For those who play a custom map in Warcraft III, you may have been played or at least know about Element TD. Element TD is a custom map on Warcraft III that pretty much like any other tower defense out here but each tower is unique. By unique I mean they have different damage, range, attack speed, ability, and most importantly elemental type. Now they remake them in Dota 2 as Custom Games.

dota2 2016-03-01 20-07-04-90
Look, tinker tower…

Each element has its strength and weakness. For example, element fire is strong again nature but weak again water or element light is strong again darkness but weak again earth element, and so on. so you must find suitable element combination if you want to beat the game and be as effective as possible. But that not all.

Just like usual tower defense game, you can upgrade your tower too in Element TD. But you can also upgrade the tower with the combination of an element like light combined with darkness, or fire with nature. The limit is 3 combination, and each combination brings different type of tower and abilities. There is many combinations, build and strategy you can go with. If you want more information about this tower and what tower combination you can make, you can check their website (link bellow).

If you have been playing Element TD before in Warcraft III, don’t expect you can use the same tower and strategy in Element TD Dota 2. Because they are pretty different from before. Like in Warcraft III custom map, there is no way to increase your life. But in Dota 2 Custom game, there’s tower that will give you 1 live each time they kill. So try it or follow some build if you haven’t played it yet. My favorite is Life Tower (Nature + Water), and some moss tower and well tower to help your life tower attack. Well, Life Tower can give you more live and they are pretty strong so it can carry you to end of the game. At least, normal difficulty is a pretty easy game and pretty much you can random pick the tower element.

I found some of the tower have the same ability, but it not that many, around 3 towers or something. I think you won’t notice it if you don’t really explore the game or read the tower list. But I hope it has more wave so at least I play it a bit longer. And maybe more element or tower is not bad either, more variety and choice. For now, we can enjoy it as it is and wait for the next update they will bring.

Element TD – [Link]

Let’s mod The Witcher Enhanced Edition

If you playing The Witcher Enhanced Edition again or play it for the first time, you may think to play it with a mod because let’s be honest. The gameplay or the visual is unappealing, at least that what I feel when I play this game for the first time. The Witcher 1 was released in 2007 for the first time which can be categorized as an old game and released again as Enhanced Edition (let’s shorten them to The Witcher EE) in 2008, a year after the original version is released. I don’t know the difference since I never play the original one but even for The Enhanced Edition, it still can be improved even further with a mod.

witcher 2016-02-29 19-01-44

My first complaint is that the combat system that The Witcher 1 has. I except more hack and slash like “Devil May Cry” or something similar, but since there’s no way to change that, there’s no choice except either to not play or just accept that and move on. What we can mod is something like graphics or mechanic changes according to the mod I’m using. So with that in mind, let’s mod The Witcher Enhanced Edition:

Create Override Folder

You have to create a folder named “Override” inside The Witcher Data folder, all the files within this folder will replace the original one, be it a texture or a script. If you installing your steam in the default location, it probably located in “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\The Witcher Enhanced Edition”. This is where you will install your mod and “Override” folder to you copy the mod files. Remember to never have a folder, I learn this the hard way.

Install Rise of the White Wolf

Rise of the White Wolf mod will bring better interface texture, character, and ballads. It has an optional feature like Witcher armor, you can choose it in the installer option. I think this is essential mod even if you play The Witcher for the first time since it doesn’t really change anything except for the visual. The author nice enough to give you the comparison, you can see it here.


To install this mod, you just have to download and run the Exe file and follow the installation guide. If you get an options menu on the installer, just select everything and continue installing. If you are like me and want to still able to see the enemy life bar, then you can uncheck the Hide Enemy Lifebar in the option. You can choose the install option as you like, but I never test it nor will do it so I can’t really help you if there’s an error.

Better Combat

To be honest, combat in The Witcher EE is pretty boring. It almost automatic and you just have to follow the rhythm. Sure, you can evade. But I think it isn’t that useful because it need an enemy that have slow attack speed. And the skill tree, they are really boring, seriously. Fortunately, Full Combat Rebalance or FCR in short will fix this for us.

It is pretty simple to install FCR. Same as above you just need to run the Exe you downloaded from nexus and follow the guide. When you get options, just select “FCR: Full Installation” and continue the installation. There’s an “Easy” and “Hard” option you can choose, but personally, I recommend you to choose “Easy” option since “Easy” is not that easy and “Hard” is too hard, it’s pretty hard even on easiest difficulty settings. And there’s option to disable NPC floating text, so if you still want to see NPC name then you don’t need to check it too.

Scabbard Mod

Just like the name, this will add scabbard to your weapons so they don’t just fly at your back without reason. But there’s a catch, you may have a clipping issue and performance drop. It’s unavoidable because it comes from the limitation of the engine, it can’t handle too many models on screen at the same time.

To install Scabbard Mod, just like above run the Exe you downloaded and when you get an option, choose “The Witcher EE with FCR” for compatibility with FCR.

Better Texture

This mod will give The Witcher EE better quality texture and the install instruction is pretty simple. But it has a problem, it will install to The Witcher folder and since we want to mod The Witcher EE, we need to change the installation procedure a bit. Don’t worry, it’s not that complicated. Just run the Exe, but rather than point installation destination to The Witcher EE folder, change it to any other folder. This is temporary and you can delete it later.

Just run the Texturen Mod Exe, but rather than point installation destination to The Witcher EE folder, change it to any other folder (such as “D:\Temp”). This is temporary and you can delete it later. It can take a while since it contains so many files but when you are done, copy any files inside “The Witcher\Data\Override” that was made by the installer (check where you install it) and place them inside The Witcher EE “Override” folder you make before. Just copy the files, without that folder.

Better Character

The Witcher: Hi-Res Character Models will give you Hi-Res texture for the character and make the character much better. But since we use “Rise of the White Wolf Enhanced Edition”, we need to make it compatible. This way, you will have the best of both mods, but you need to delete 60+ files from it. A bit painful work if I say, really. Here’s the list what you must delete:

File to Delete List

That many huh, but you should have 324 files left afterwards. Move thoose to your “Override” folder.

Blood Texture

Who don’t like little gore in their games, especially fighting games like The Witcher? Perfect Blood mod will add more realistic and believable blood and add much more satisfaction when you can see your enemy bleeding. To install it just extract it to “Override” folder. But this mod has a bug and the author never fix this even now. Fortunately, someone makes a mod to fix this issue called Perfect Blood – Fix. Just like the original mod, to install it you just need to extract to “Override” folder and choose to replace if asked.

You like Rain? Me too

I like it rain weather especially when it rain in the game. It adds more atmosphere to the game. But in The Witcher, the rain texture is too contrast and make it too fake and not really suit the game. Perfect Rain mod will make it better for us. This will replace the rain appearance and sound to be more natural and believable. To install it, simply extract to “Override” folder, just like the mod before.

But even if you like rain, sometimes The Witcher EE rain too much. I mean like every time I went outside. I don’t know if Gerald’s live in rain country or something but seriously, it can be a bit annoying. Stop the Rain for TW1 will stop rain for us but this can be a bit immersion breaking since it doesn’t really decrease the percentage to rain but rather stop the rain just like its name. To install it you just need to extract the file to “Override” folder. I don’t really like using this mod but sometimes I need clear weather too you know.

No Instant Sex

I think Gerald’s is lying when he said he sex with someone. How do I know? Well, when Geralds’ have sex with someone, no time pass. Not even one minutes. Either Gerald’s is lying, the world is stop moving, or he just that fast, pfft. Seriously, this is the most mysterious question I have when I play this game. Look like I’m not alone, someone has made a mode to fix this. To install Sex Takes Time Mod, just extract the folder to your “Override” Folder.


I found this 2 mod to fix some annoyance in the games. The first one is Better Color Coding to make alchemy ingredient in inventory display the primary and secondary component without needing mouse-over. To install it you just need to extract to “Override” Folder.

And the second one is Plentiful Herbs for TW1. This will add more herb to the plant when you harvest it. The Installation procedure is pretty easy but it need more work because you need to extract 8 compressed files first, and then extract each compressed file to “Override” folder. Pretty easy right?

Post Processing

You may be heard post processing mod like ENB, Sweetfx, or Reshade. You can use them for The Witcher EE too, just install the mod and search for a preset on Nexus or somewhere else. But TW1 Lighting Overhaul and guide on improving TW1 visuals mod is pretty good for my eyes, the install step is pretty simple too. You don’t have too but it make your game more amazing. Follow these step bellow if you want to install it:

  1. Download Reshade 1.1.0/SweetFX2.0
  2. Run the installer, and choose “…\The Witcher Enhanced Edition\System” as the destination folder. The installer will automatically select SweetFX for you.
  3. After it done, copy the preset you download from nexus and paste it to “…\The Witcher Enhanced Edition\System\SweetFX”. Select yes if it asks you to replace. This doesn’t go to your Exe folder. So what we do here is just replacing configuration for SweetFX.


While the mod I give you here is increasing both visual and graphic, don’t expect it to be like modern games after you mod it since you can’t really change the core part of the game. But overall, this will really improve the game and I’m happy to play it modded rather than the vanilla one. So much better.

Trip to Thailand – Day 1

Last week I made an announcement post that I’m going to Thailand for 5 days, not exactly 5 days though since I must stay over in Jakarta for one day. Honestly, I don’t really know the schedule of my trip that time because my trip is organized by some company I work with. Let just say it’s name is The Company for now. It’s a group trip so there will be a lot of people I don’t know, and I’m going alone since the ticket is one per company.

But it’s not a smooth trip if I say. Before my departure, the only contact I receive is a mail about the ticket and reminder about the preparation item list like personal medicine, jacket, etc and I receive it two days before the day my flight to Jakarta. Sure, that fine because I already prepare by myself. But then when the day my flight to Jakarta arrived, they only told me about the person who will pick me up at Jakarta but there’s no one that will guide or escort me at Surabaya airport (I’m going from Surabaya city). It’s like they just give me the ticket and go by myself. Well, can’t really complain since it’s free, though. But can they give me a clear instruction or, at least, guide me until I safely enter the plane or the flight gate? What if I never went on a flight before, will my trip got canceled because I don’t know what to do? It’s fine for me since this isn’t my first time but for other people that went to trip like this for the first time? I think the company needs to think this again before doing this kind of event again.

It does not end here. When I arrived safely in Jakarta, no one here pick me from the airport and I don’t know the schedule either so I can’t really go anywhere or do anything except wait. I call the people that supposed to pick me but it’s not answered. I call the people I know but they say that there are supposed to be someone that pick me already, but no one here. If they organize the event like this then, at least, give me the destination or schedule so I can go there by myself. Sigh…

After waiting and trying to call the people who supposed to be my guide for about 30 minutes. Finally, someone calls to my mobile phone and guide me to wait for other people at a restaurant nearby and have dinner there. After that I went to hotels, they give me a key to my hotel room and finally I can relax, sleep and preparing for the next day trip. I meet my roommate at the hotel since they only provide one room for 2 people but I can’t really complain about that because this trip is free. Cheapskate.

But that it for day one of the trip, I will post more on the next day. Stay tuned.


The Witcher Enhanced Edition

2 week ago when Steam has Chinese new year discount event I bought The Witcher 3 and it’s DLC. I actually don’t really like it when I look at it gameplay trailer or from people playing on youtube or twitch. And I don’t think I really like how Gerald’s voice sounds like but it’s not that important. I got interested in it because most people say that The Witcher 3 is really good, it even got game of the year 2015 award. Since I like RPG, why not.

witcher 2016-02-21 16-54-50-87

When I download it to my computer, I’m thinking that since it is the third game in The Witcher series why not playing the previous 2 games. I heard The Witcher games can import save from previous gameplay. I was a bit reluctant actually. First, I never play The Witcher series until now and I don’t really feel interested in it. Second, I don’t really like the combat system from The Witcher 1. It’s like rhythm dancing games where you match the enemy movement with additional RPG system. The combat system in The Witcher 2 is pretty good (at least acceptable) but I don’t really like the first. But hey, it cheap and I can mod it so I can shorten the playtime (like 999 item stack, faster move speed for exploring, more drop) without too much “cheating”. I hate cheating in games even if they are single player only. Except “for fun and crazy” mode of course.

So I decide I will start from the first series first, The Witcher Enhanced Edition. When I entered the game world for the first time, it got pretty awkward when on the combat. I mean, is that Gerald dancing or it just me? Back then I thought that The Witcher is hack and slash game like Devil May Cry with RPG. Well, it’s true for the second and the third but the first series is more to rhythm combat with alchemy involved rather than hack and slash.

That not all, you could tell that Gerald movement is sliding rather than walking or running. You must get used to its control system like you must double tap movement key to evading/jumping when in battle, shoulder camera, etc. And there’s some delay between cinematic and playing, you can tell from the music playing in the background. And there is no loot all hotkey when looting from a dead body, sigh.

But hey, it’s not that bad.

Personally, I really enjoy this games. I mean it was games released at 2007 yet its RPG element is really good. Let’s leave all the flaw it has and focus on the good thing, for now. The Witcher alchemy plays a pretty big part in combat, it can make combat pretty easy. You may really need alchemy for some monster or it will be impossible to defeat. It has combat style too with its advantage and disadvantage like Strong Style for a heavy armored enemy, Fast Style for a fast enemy and Group Style for when fighting in a group. And there was Silver Sword mode for a monster enemy and Steel Sword mode for a human enemy. I think this is really good for the combat because it adds more combination, tactic, and variety to the combat which makes the combat more interesting.

I can’t really say more because I haven’t been playing that deep into the game yet but will do that later. For now, I think I will give this game 7/10 rating. If I play this game sooner let say in 2007 or 2008, I think I will definitely give this games 9/10 rating and become my favorite game that time. And I will definitely recommend my friends to play it. I don’t think I can do it now because I think my friend didn’t really like playing old games. But if you really like The Witcher Series and want to play the first game of the series, then I can tell you it will be a bit different than the other 2, some people can’t handle it.

Restaurant City is Back

I notice it a while ago when I open my facebook page that Restaurant City is back. I don’t usually enjoy facebook games since they usually in-apps purchase or pay to win games but I really enjoy this one because it doesn’t really take too much of my times and the purchase option is only for fashion or ingredients.

restaurant city 2016

It comes with a different name, Restaurant City 2016. But not only the name that changed, it comes with some different feature than the old game.

Your restaurant can open 24/7. Well, at least until your worker is healthy enough. Before you must open your restaurant so the customer can get in, eat, and leave their money for you. Now, your restaurant will open no matter what. But the worker can’t work 24/7 since now your worker has energy and it need to be replenished by giving it food or let it rest.

Unfortunately as of this post is released, this game still got many bug and maybe this is game breaking bug for some of you like item disappearing, can’t see your friend in job list, etc etc. Sigh. Well, it still new games and still being improved by the developer, maybe we can still hope it will got better in time.

Restaurant City 2016 – [Link]