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Again, Issues with Internet Connection.

I can’t seem writing too much today. Since yesterday my internet connection is either dropping which is sometimes it connected sometimes it disconnected or just disconnected for an hour. Of course, I already complain to my ISP but they say that it problem from their end so there is nothing I can do except for waiting.

You may ask how do I write this if I don’t have Internet Connection? I have been learning from my last mistake which I describe it couple days ago. So, even if I can’t write much, or have good quality. At least I want to write a short post. Little is better than nothing right?

I might be writing about my impression of GitKraken or something else tomorrow if my internet is fixed or at least I can get it connected when I’m writing. We will see…

Coming Back to Blogging

So, it has been like what? 11 month since last time I update this blog. The last post I write is “tell” people to Normalize Their CSS and then I’m gone from this site. It not like I abandon this website or lose interest, I have my “excuse”.

My excuse is that when the last post is being published, I’m moving to the different city. It takes a while to prepare since there is a lot of stuff that needs to be packed. Not only that, but I have to unregister things like the internet, TV, electricity, and water since they are billed to my credit card. It didn’t take long tough, just needs 3 days to complete. After that, I only need 1 day to move thing from my old place to the new place.

That didn’t take very long, I know. But, that not the real reason that makes me stop.

After moving and registering my name as a resident there, I didn’t realize that I still don’t have any internet connection except for my phone. So I went to internet provider nearby and ask for new installation. Sure it didn’t take long to register and I have no problem with the service either. It good, 9 out of 10. But what come after that blown my mind. To be honest, it amazes me how bad it is. Well, okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit, but hear me out first.

When I register for Internet connection for my new place, I think it may need 3 days or 1-2 weeks at most. Since at previous place that it only needs 3 days even if it needs to pull a cable a bit far. So for this new installation, 1 week is already long since the cable is already there. But how wrong I was. Guess how long it takes. A whole 3 month, like literally 3 exact months, 90 days.

Usually, I hate it when people making excuse and here I am making one.

Yeah, I know. If I really want to post, then I will go to an internet cafe or something. Or maybe write it on my phone, even if it bad or not bring good writing quality (wtf I’m talking about, since when my writing is in “good quality”) at least I’m still writing. But I guess my laziness and me making excuse to myself is the problem. Lesson learned.

Enough about my excuse, now let’s talk about the future.

My plan, for now, is just like before. I’m going to write as frequently as possible, still not going for popularity or anything, and just want to improve my writing and my English skills. If possible, I want to write every day. Short post is fine, as long as I put my time every day to write something anything is fine. I’m the type of person that if I stop doing something, I will stop doing it for really long time.

Wanting to write every day make me a bit of afraid sometimes. What if I got writing slump since I write every day? I got a bit of insecurity when I think about that. I don’t want to stop. I want writing to be one of my habits. On the positive side, since I don’t really restrict myself what to write on this site (sorry for the mess), I literally can write anything. From productive things like web/desktop/game development to everyday life like gaming, music or anime. So maybe I won’t get writing slump.

One thing for sure is that I want to try to add more story on each of my blog posts. Why? I want to expand my word and vocabulary so I don’t use and repeat the word. I’m sure someone already notices it but don’t say a word.

I’m good at creating a story and it pretty easy for me. I have a ton of stories in my note. It not always good one but at least they still count, right? The problem is that I can’t tell or describe the story I made well enough for people that read it to understand. And that always my biggest issue.

I hope that I can fix it with writing frequently on this blog.

That it for this post. tl;dr of this post is just me trying to tell that I’m back to this blog and very eager to write another blog post. You can expect more update on this site, maybe it won’t be that good at first but I will try to gradually get better over time.

Having a Hard Time to Connect to Internet

I have this problem for a quite long time, and I don’t know why and how to fix it. When I go back to my hometown, to my parent house. It’s always hard to connect to the internet. I don’t know why, but it always happens. It’s like, the god forbid me to connect to the internet at my parent house.

Like for example, one time I’m trying to add an internet connection to my parent house, I need to pay extra cable which is pretty expensive since they dump all the cost to expand their network to me. And there one time where the connection is cut because the connection cable is cut by something.

This week is the weirdest. I can’t connect to the internet, even if I can connect to my wifi. Some of you may think that it may be caused by the router that not connected to the internet. I think that too but then my brother computer and my parent laptop are connected just fine.

My chrome just says ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED all the time. None of the fixes on the internet worked for me, so I guess there is nothing I can do.

Well, I can go to the internet cafe but since I came home to my parent house, its kind of rude to my parent to just leave to an internet cafe. It as if internet connection is more important than my parent.

I mean, seriously. Why, whenever I came home, I always have this same problem.

I’m sorry if there’s not that much update, and maybe next week as well since I still at my parent house next week as well. But I will try to bring the update as much as possible.

Hack Summit 2016

Hey guys, did you know that Hack Summit event where many great developers will talk and share it knowledge with us in live virtual conference for completely free of charge? If you don’t know yet and you are a developer. It’s pretty unfortunate if you don’t watch this event. It first started in 2015 and it held again this year. I won’t tell more about the event in this post since you can find out more at their website (link bellow) and it will be held at February 22nd-24th, 2016.


If you have not registered yet, then you must register before you can watch the conference.

Hack Summit 2016 – [Link]

I’m Back

I have been gone for about 3 months right now I think and without notice. And if you ask if I’m being lazy or abandoning this site or whatever you think the reason is. My answer is no, absolutely no. Don’t worry. I know I shouldn’t have to disappear without notice but things get really busy really fast.

So, what’s going on?

I’m in my final year of my college life and I work on my thesis which is pretty complicated, complex and push me to my limit. It sounds like I’m making an excuse for my laziness but I can tell you it’s the truth. Heck, I even barely finish my thesis. But it’s done now, and what left is just me completing some administration work before I can be graduated from my college.

What next?

I’m thinking of continuing my study overseas but I still don’t know where or which college I will attend. Some people I asked for advice tell me that I should continue my study on management major. Why management? Because I already used to my major, Computer Science. I can’t say I’m expert on it but, at least, I’m used to it and I can learn it outside the college. Well, I’m not college person anyway.

I don’t really know for sure what I will do in the near future. At least for now, all I can do is continuing my writing in this blog which is pretty enjoyable after a long time not doing it and asking or trying to get into a college overseas.

Reminder: Fallout 4

Just a quick reminder. One of my favorite game series, Fallout 4 will launch at 10 November 2015 which is 2 week after this post published.

Fallout 4 Art

For you who doesn’t own Fallout 4 yet, you may pre-order them before it launched. Or if for whatever reason you want to wait until it was launched like me, you can play previous games (Fallout New Vegas or Fallout 3) or tycoon fallout (Fallout Shelter) until it came out.

Steam – [Link]

Trello is Celebrating 10M Users!

Trello is currently celebrating its 10M users. If you don’t know or never heard what Trello is, then you should check it on their website. In short Trello is a collaboration tool that organizes your projects into boards. And one of my favorite project management tools.


You can get 1 month free Trello Gold by sharing what you use Trello for on the celebrate page. I will provide the link bellow so be sure to check it out if you are one of Trello user. If you aren’t one of the users, you can give it try and get a month free gold membership.

Trello Celebrates – [Link]

Trello Website – [Link]

Github Universe

Github Universe Website

I know this is pretty late as the event is already started but in case you don’t know. Github announced this conference a while ago and bringing GitHub community together at 1 & 2 October at Pier 70 in San Francisco. If you can’t attend the conference like me, you can watch the stream via UStream and I will give the link bellow.

Github Universe – [Link]

Stream Github Universe – [Link]

Hello World!!!

Hello, welcome to my blog.

I’m currently studying Informatic Engineering at Institut Teknologi Sepuluh November and currently live at Indonesian maybe will move soon. Mostly I’m doing programming to create games using C++, rarely create web app or even rarely create desktop application, doing 3d modeling and animation using Blender because I can’t afford 3ds max, playing a game or if I’m bored I try to create code that can generate cool output/effect that doesn’t mean anything.

If you ask me why I’m starting this blog, I can tell you I only have one reason. I really like writing. Be it write a code, random thought, making a story or write anything that come to mind. I know I’m bad at it, but I just can’t help but like to write something. Don’t ask me why, I don’t really know why. Before starting this blog, usually I only write them in my Evernote (best “note taking” app for me, if only text editor is not crap on windows) and keep them private. And I think why not make it public rather than keeping it to myself and maybe if some of my posts can help or entertain some people in some way it’s not a bad  idea. And maybe I can improve my writing through this blog as writing routine.

What you can expect to see here will be non-focused but categorized post such as game dev, software dev, marketing, management, review about hardware or app, or what I experience when I playing games, but it not limited to them. I know some blog tips or guide out here say that it’s good to have some focus, but I don’t like the idea to force myself to write focused type of blog and most importantly I don’t think I can keep up posting a content to this blog if I do that (yeah because I’m suck). If you only like some part of my post (like game dev, or programming), I will provide filter such as Category and Tags to help filter a post you like from this blog. And I will try to keep posting once a week at minimum or even everyday but I don’t know if it possible for me to post everyday without decreasing quality or quantity of the content which I don’t want to. But at least there will be a post every week especially on Friday.

If you have a request what to post, question, giving me a feedback or want to start discussion don’t be afraid to contact me via Contact Me page and I will try to reply it as fast as possible (usually I open them at morning).