Month: February 2016

Facebook has Like reaction now

A while ago when I open the facebook, for checking an appointment for work made via facebook. One of my friends makes a stupid ‘status’ or you can even say dumb. I don’t know if he is serious but it’s really funny. I was going to push the Like button for his status but then I notice that there are options in the Like button such as ‘Wow’, ‘Sad’, and more. And my thought that since when facebook has this kind of feature?


I don’t know what this is called since Facebook don’t really tell about it, but let’s call them ‘Like Reaction’ for now. And I don’t know what effect this update will bring to Social Media since I don’t really use my facebook that much anymore, but now we can express more about why we hit Like button. Is it because we like it, love it, happy with it, sad, or angry. And people who made the status can tell what the reaction the respondents of their status feels like rather than simple Like button. This mean that you don’t have to post a comment to tell the status maker about what you feel about their status.

While this may be a good Idea, I think Facebook can add more option. If you think about it, they leave one ‘reaction’ that most people want. Dislike Button, or maybe I Don’t Give a Fuck button. I don’t know, maybe for stupid or trash status that most people make. Well, even if I say that. I don’t think Facebook will ever make that button since I think most people will hit this button more than anything else. And it will make the Facebook community harsher.

Trip to Thailand – Day 1

Last week I made an announcement post that I’m going to Thailand for 5 days, not exactly 5 days though since I must stay over in Jakarta for one day. Honestly, I don’t really know the schedule of my trip that time because my trip is organized by some company I work with. Let just say it’s name is The Company for now. It’s a group trip so there will be a lot of people I don’t know, and I’m going alone since the ticket is one per company.

But it’s not a smooth trip if I say. Before my departure, the only contact I receive is a mail about the ticket and reminder about the preparation item list like personal medicine, jacket, etc and I receive it two days before the day my flight to Jakarta. Sure, that fine because I already prepare by myself. But then when the day my flight to Jakarta arrived, they only told me about the person who will pick me up at Jakarta but there’s no one that will guide or escort me at Surabaya airport (I’m going from Surabaya city). It’s like they just give me the ticket and go by myself. Well, can’t really complain since it’s free, though. But can they give me a clear instruction or, at least, guide me until I safely enter the plane or the flight gate? What if I never went on a flight before, will my trip got canceled because I don’t know what to do? It’s fine for me since this isn’t my first time but for other people that went to trip like this for the first time? I think the company needs to think this again before doing this kind of event again.

It does not end here. When I arrived safely in Jakarta, no one here pick me from the airport and I don’t know the schedule either so I can’t really go anywhere or do anything except wait. I call the people that supposed to pick me but it’s not answered. I call the people I know but they say that there are supposed to be someone that pick me already, but no one here. If they organize the event like this then, at least, give me the destination or schedule so I can go there by myself. Sigh…

After waiting and trying to call the people who supposed to be my guide for about 30 minutes. Finally, someone calls to my mobile phone and guide me to wait for other people at a restaurant nearby and have dinner there. After that I went to hotels, they give me a key to my hotel room and finally I can relax, sleep and preparing for the next day trip. I meet my roommate at the hotel since they only provide one room for 2 people but I can’t really complain about that because this trip is free. Cheapskate.

But that it for day one of the trip, I will post more on the next day. Stay tuned.


Hack Summit 2016

Hey guys, did you know that Hack Summit event where many great developers will talk and share it knowledge with us in live virtual conference for completely free of charge? If you don’t know yet and you are a developer. It’s pretty unfortunate if you don’t watch this event. It first started in 2015 and it held again this year. I won’t tell more about the event in this post since you can find out more at their website (link bellow) and it will be held at February 22nd-24th, 2016.


If you have not registered yet, then you must register before you can watch the conference.

Hack Summit 2016 – [Link]

The Witcher Enhanced Edition

2 week ago when Steam has Chinese new year discount event I bought The Witcher 3 and it’s DLC. I actually don’t really like it when I look at it gameplay trailer or from people playing on youtube or twitch. And I don’t think I really like how Gerald’s voice sounds like but it’s not that important. I got interested in it because most people say that The Witcher 3 is really good, it even got game of the year 2015 award. Since I like RPG, why not.

witcher 2016-02-21 16-54-50-87

When I download it to my computer, I’m thinking that since it is the third game in The Witcher series why not playing the previous 2 games. I heard The Witcher games can import save from previous gameplay. I was a bit reluctant actually. First, I never play The Witcher series until now and I don’t really feel interested in it. Second, I don’t really like the combat system from The Witcher 1. It’s like rhythm dancing games where you match the enemy movement with additional RPG system. The combat system in The Witcher 2 is pretty good (at least acceptable) but I don’t really like the first. But hey, it cheap and I can mod it so I can shorten the playtime (like 999 item stack, faster move speed for exploring, more drop) without too much “cheating”. I hate cheating in games even if they are single player only. Except “for fun and crazy” mode of course.

So I decide I will start from the first series first, The Witcher Enhanced Edition. When I entered the game world for the first time, it got pretty awkward when on the combat. I mean, is that Gerald dancing or it just me? Back then I thought that The Witcher is hack and slash game like Devil May Cry with RPG. Well, it’s true for the second and the third but the first series is more to rhythm combat with alchemy involved rather than hack and slash.

That not all, you could tell that Gerald movement is sliding rather than walking or running. You must get used to its control system like you must double tap movement key to evading/jumping when in battle, shoulder camera, etc. And there’s some delay between cinematic and playing, you can tell from the music playing in the background. And there is no loot all hotkey when looting from a dead body, sigh.

But hey, it’s not that bad.

Personally, I really enjoy this games. I mean it was games released at 2007 yet its RPG element is really good. Let’s leave all the flaw it has and focus on the good thing, for now. The Witcher alchemy plays a pretty big part in combat, it can make combat pretty easy. You may really need alchemy for some monster or it will be impossible to defeat. It has combat style too with its advantage and disadvantage like Strong Style for a heavy armored enemy, Fast Style for a fast enemy and Group Style for when fighting in a group. And there was Silver Sword mode for a monster enemy and Steel Sword mode for a human enemy. I think this is really good for the combat because it adds more combination, tactic, and variety to the combat which makes the combat more interesting.

I can’t really say more because I haven’t been playing that deep into the game yet but will do that later. For now, I think I will give this game 7/10 rating. If I play this game sooner let say in 2007 or 2008, I think I will definitely give this games 9/10 rating and become my favorite game that time. And I will definitely recommend my friends to play it. I don’t think I can do it now because I think my friend didn’t really like playing old games. But if you really like The Witcher Series and want to play the first game of the series, then I can tell you it will be a bit different than the other 2, some people can’t handle it.

Restaurant City is Back

I notice it a while ago when I open my facebook page that Restaurant City is back. I don’t usually enjoy facebook games since they usually in-apps purchase or pay to win games but I really enjoy this one because it doesn’t really take too much of my times and the purchase option is only for fashion or ingredients.

restaurant city 2016

It comes with a different name, Restaurant City 2016. But not only the name that changed, it comes with some different feature than the old game.

Your restaurant can open 24/7. Well, at least until your worker is healthy enough. Before you must open your restaurant so the customer can get in, eat, and leave their money for you. Now, your restaurant will open no matter what. But the worker can’t work 24/7 since now your worker has energy and it need to be replenished by giving it food or let it rest.

Unfortunately as of this post is released, this game still got many bug and maybe this is game breaking bug for some of you like item disappearing, can’t see your friend in job list, etc etc. Sigh. Well, it still new games and still being improved by the developer, maybe we can still hope it will got better in time.

Restaurant City 2016 – [Link]


Infinty Darkness

I post my reason about why I stop blogging a while ago. Here is the trailer about my thesis. It mostly inspired by my college building that often got blackout (silly, I know) and amnesia style where you can’t do anything except run or hide and made and designed for Oculus Rift.

I’m sorry if there aren’t any demo or anything, I can’t really do that.

Youtube – [Link]


Why I stop playing MMORPG?

I have been stopped playing MMORPG for 6 years for now. Yup, 6 years. I’m not playing that genre at all. Nope, not even World of Warcraft or something similar. Why? I notice it for the first time when I playing some games like Skyrim, Torchlight, or Assassin Creed II if I’m not wrong and back then I don’t really notice it. I play MMORPG because my friends invite me to play. Personally, I think it’s fun when you can playing with your friends, can got addicted too. But I have stopped playing it, for a reason of course. Maybe for some people, they are pretty weird.

Farming Area

In some MMORPG I play, you can’t really farm in an area. Because there’re too many people farming at the same time and at the same spot. Leveling up my character is already takes so much time and I can only farm 1 monster at a time and must wait for it to respawn. I know in games like World of Warcraft you can have your own dungeon to farm with. But other games, maybe not.

Pay to Win

This is the most annoying and sometimes I avoid if I can type of games. Only cash user will likely to win. Usually, I will skip this kind of games, not play it at all. But sometimes I notice it until it was too late. What I mean by too late is when I’m already too deep in the games like already spend many hours in games and it kind of a waste if I stop now. But if I want to the next level of the game level, I must have an incredible high-level skill or I must pay for it.

Real life

Playing MMORPG is really fun. You can play with other people, meet with people you don’t even know. But sometimes, real life make you can’t really play at all times. You have work, you have school or anything that have to be done so you can’t really play at all times. Which in games especially in MMORPG games, you can’t really keep up with your friend like in level or item or in-game money. Of course, this depends on every person.

People can be an Ass

Well, do I have to explain this one?


I’m Back

I have been gone for about 3 months right now I think and without notice. And if you ask if I’m being lazy or abandoning this site or whatever you think the reason is. My answer is no, absolutely no. Don’t worry. I know I shouldn’t have to disappear without notice but things get really busy really fast.

So, what’s going on?

I’m in my final year of my college life and I work on my thesis which is pretty complicated, complex and push me to my limit. It sounds like I’m making an excuse for my laziness but I can tell you it’s the truth. Heck, I even barely finish my thesis. But it’s done now, and what left is just me completing some administration work before I can be graduated from my college.

What next?

I’m thinking of continuing my study overseas but I still don’t know where or which college I will attend. Some people I asked for advice tell me that I should continue my study on management major. Why management? Because I already used to my major, Computer Science. I can’t say I’m expert on it but, at least, I’m used to it and I can learn it outside the college. Well, I’m not college person anyway.

I don’t really know for sure what I will do in the near future. At least for now, all I can do is continuing my writing in this blog which is pretty enjoyable after a long time not doing it and asking or trying to get into a college overseas.